Workout motivation: Where do you find yours?

Submitted by Roman on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 20:12


Roman Guns


Where do you find your motivation?

- I got a suggestion



Before heading to the gym. Do you have any special ways to find extra motivation? Some way to get overly excited for the workout?


Back in the days, before Instagram was even a thing. I used to go into Youtube and take a look at some workout video with Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman. Some video with great music, to get excited for my own workout. Then when I was at the gym I would sometimes listen to the exact same song that was featured in the workout video. That way I would think about the video I had seen on Youtube before I left my house.



Nowadays there is no need to watch a video on the computer before leaving the house. You can stream it on your phone while walking to the gym or even when you are in the locker room. There are no need to find big stars from the bodybuilding scene either.



Instagram will provide you with a lot motivation. You can choose exactly which people to follow and see what they are up to. Since you can find more ”normal people” and see how they are working out in their every day ordinary life. That will become a motivation for some people. More than watching these highlight videos of gigantic bodybuilders. I would still very much enjoy watching some video of Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman though. But I believe that Instagram is a great fit for a lot of people.


Another thing is that you can be pushed by the consistency that other people show in Instagram. You can sit on your couch and watch someone post another workout video. Have they been at it again?!

If they can do it – So can I!


I only started using Instagram during 2018 myself. I find it very interesting to follow and interact with other people there. Make sure to connect with me on my Instagram @FitGamerRoman! Let's motivate each other to reach our workout goals.