WoW: Classic - Is it still growing?

Submitted by Roman on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 21:36


WoW Classic

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WoW Classic

- More popular than ever?


There are actually increases in server population right now, at least by the look of it. 16 freaking servers are labeled as full now, the clock is 22:00. It is 10 pm! And it is 16 servers in EU labeled as ”Full”. That is freaking crazy. A week or two ago I was talking about the server capacitys etc on The Fit Gamer Podcast, it seemed as if it was pretty much a few servers that was considered to be ”Full”. Now most of them are.


What is going on?

Is it simply the fact that people have been migrating from completely super full servers, filling the rest? Or is it the fact that this game has become such a hit that more people are actually coming in than there is people leaving? What the...? We expected people to be gone by now. We expected it to be a couple of weeks maximum, with a lot of people playing this game. Then they would get tired of the slow pace of it. But hell, people are sticking around. People are not just sticking around. I feel like people are really adapting into the World of Warcraft way of thinking. There are a lot of friendly people across groups for quests or instances while fighting to reach maximum level. Not the toxic chats or behaviour that we see in a lot of other online games.



Are you playing the game?

Are you stuck in 2004 once more? I am for sure, in a sense. It is not like I have reached maximum level and are raiding or anything. I have responsibilities, but I am having a lot of time played already.


What character are you playing?

Have you used the ”bugs” when choosing your character? There are some things with this original version of the game that is sort of problematic and was later removed. But right now, they are still in the Classic version of the game. One example being the hit boxes of Taurens. They are able to melee targets further away from them etc. believe that this is something that people just consider to be part of the ”Classic feeling”. It adds to the charm. They have patched away several of these bugs since they were exploited however.

With it being such a heavy focus on finding groups for instances and raids if you are playing PvE for the most part, as I am. I definitely went for tank/healer. With the quenes messing with me, I have ended up with characters on different servers. One priest and one warrior. So I will have an easier time finding a group than most other classes.