WoW: Classic release date closing in..

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WoW Original Map

Map from original World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft Classic release is closing in

- Servers are filling up already




World of Warcraft Classic is at the top of the headlines nowadays. A lot of players are hyped for the release that is happening in four days. On August 27 we get to enter the world where we enjoyed back in 2004. Fifteen years have passed. That is crazy! I have intentionally avoided a lot of the information and footage that exist surrounding this. I want to enter the game without knowing too much about it. Now it is time to start the hype though.



One of the topics of discussions is the amount of players already registered their names on the servers. The fact that a lot of players are signing up for the same servers will create concerns for big quenes awaiting on launch day.


On the other hand, if you go for a well populated server you will not run the risk of playing on an empty server later on. Blizzard knows this. A lot of players will play during the first weeks and then stop.




”Layering” technology will handle the servers


Instead of getting additional servers to handle all of the players they will use a ”layering” technology to manage a large number of players. I don't see this being a problem but trying to explain it (the way I interpret it). I would go about it this way. There are several versions of the world on the same server. In order to minimize the amount of players being in the same zone at the same time. You will be standing in the same spot as someone else on what appears to be the same server. But you won't be able to see each other.

It might be more difficult to coordinate a Hogger raid but I don't see any negatives with this. If you are in a group with someone you will be able to be in the same layer as that person.




Strong communities will take form eventually


I read a comment field somewhere that the term tourist was being used. I am definitely planning on being a tourist. Playing the game for a week or two, then just leave. If you are looking to play in a world that does not throw everything off course with a massive expansion. Then this is probably the game for you. I can see these servers growing into really strong communities. In a year or so when the ”tourists” are gone, the community will really start to form.




What am I looking forward to the most?


To go Leeeeerooooooy Jenkins! And run into a bunch of dragons!

Since it will begin with leveling up, I will definitely enjoy Westfall first. I can't say that I look forward to chasing down the quick fishy looking creatues on the northern shores. Can't remember the names for them, they are not Nagas at least. Not important. Then there is the classic instance called Deadmines. I look forward walking through it, fighting the pirates.


What else is there? Definitely Felwood. I can't wait to explore that place. Herbalism! I will definitely go look for the herbs in that place.


Oh, I almost forgot the Nightelves. The Darkshore or whatever it was called. The first contact I made with the big world. Hunting crabs on the beach, facing bears in the woods and wandering towards the big cities on the continent.


Molten Core will be an experience as well. If there will be time for that. I doubt I will play that long. Raiding without a premade party might be too much trouble. And the time to find a guild and contribute to that is not even something to consider.

With that said. My next text might be called ”How I got addicted to World of Warcraft once again”. I am a little bit surprised. Today I found myself thinking about starting a character in WoW: Classic. I haven't even considered playing WoW for years, not given it a single thought.


I assume that I won't be able to create a Horde character on the same server where I have a character from the Alliance. But I will definitely experience both sides.


What are you looking forward to the most?

Which is the first character that you will create in WoW: Classic?