XBOX goes for exclusive titles?

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 01/09/2018 - 10:19



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Will Microsoft get exclusive titles in the future?

- According to the buzz, it might happen soon


Today there are a lot of talk regarding how the exclusive titles nowadays. During episode 119 of The Fit Gamer Podcast we talk about how Sony have had exclusive titles. Some of these titles are now appearing on PC. Some examples, Nioh which I believe was only ”launch exclusive”. Another game that is mentioned is Okami HD which is ported to PC. I am not sure if Okami was ever titles exclusive but it was originally created for PlayStation.


With the PC's offering more power, better graphics as well as the use of PlayStation or XBOX controllers. The consoles really need to find a way to attract customers. Exclusive titles is definitely a way of doing that. It will cost a lot of money however, making a deal with a developer to not release their title for any other systems.


Which titles do you believe will appear as Xbox exclusive?

Since Microsoft is involved in the PC market as well. I am not really sure that they are willing to go very far with the Xbox exclusive titles as Sony or Nintendo. When it comes to competing with Sony and Nintendo. They will need to come up with something to sell their latest console.